Friday, 14 March 2014

Max Factor Glossfinity Nails | Review

Happy Friday beauty bloggers, its nearly the weekend, can I get a whoop whoop?

Today's post isn't very long but I felt the need to share with you my most recent nail varnish finding because I am SO pleased with it!  Last week I got this Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Varnish in Boots, I was immediately drawn to the colour because I'd had a Revlon one a while back that was a very similar colour which ran out and has now been discontinued (story of my life).  The colour of this one is number 60 Midnight Bronze. 

What I love about it is that its got a lovely shimmer to it, and also, get this, I put two coats on last Friday and its still going strong.  I've just remembered that I didn't put a base or a top coat on either so I think that's pretty impressive.  I've had a couple of little chips but that's it.  The bottle says "Glossy Nails for up to 7 Days" and actually that's true and in my experience that almost never happens so I'm really pleased.

There are 26 signature shades of Glossfinity and I will certainly be buying some more, I've got my eye on a really nice purple one!  I think they are really good value for £5.99.  Here's a link to the Max Factor site if you want a quick look at all the other colours.  Max Factor Glossfinity Nails  I didn't see all 26 colours in Boots but they definitely had a good range.

Have a great weekend beauty bloggers, chat to you next week.



  1. I wish nail polish would stay on my fingers but I always just pick it off
    xx, Michelle

  2. Your blog is just gorgeous, thanks for the follow on bloglovin! Followed you back, would help me out absolutely loads if you could like my latest posts, will do the same for you x

  3. great review, such a nice nail polish colour X

  4. Beautiful shade!


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