Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Clinique Eyeshadow Quad

Happy Wednesday everybody!  Its the middle of the week, only two days until the weekend.  I've been doing quite a lot of work on blog posts today (when I should have been doing housework and admin work but hey ho, it'll get done when it gets done) so hopefully my posts will be more regular now.

I've decided to start with something that's really impressed me this week.  Its a new eyeshadow palette that arrived in the post at the weekend. If you asked me what my favourite brand is when it comes to eyeshadow I would have to say Clinique.   I've never had a bad Clinique eyeshadow, the colours are always true and it is so long lasting you know you can wear for 18 hours and it'll still be pretty good by the time you need to take it off to go to bed.   I was browsing the eBid site the other day and came across this little quad, its just four colours, no mirror and no small brush as it was part of a Clinique beauty set, but I really, really love it.  Firstly, I like the packaging, its pretty and summery and typically Clinique, secondly all four colours are perfect either alone or in combinations with each other, another thing I liked is that the all colours have a little shimmer to them which I think is pretty.

So, the colours on my eyelids are:   Strawberry Fudge (top right in quad) and the colour on the outer lid is Beach Plum (top left in quad).  The colours at the bottom of the palette are from the Like Mink duo, I've had this duo before but lost it on holiday one year so I was pleased to get another one!

What's your favourite brand for eyeshadow?



  1. I do not own any Clinique eyeshadows as I tend to just associate them with skincare and lipsticks! My fave brand of eyeshadows has to be Urban Decay.
    Rachel at

  2. I used to as well then I got some eyeshadow for Christmas one year and I was hooked! I've heard such good things about Urban Decay from all the beauty bloggers that I finally bought the Basic palette last week, haven't tried it yet though. Thanks so much for commenting.


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